Welcome to the Group for Research in Pathology Education

The Group for Research In Pathology Education (GRIPE) is an academic society of medical educators who teach pathology. To that end, we develop and share teaching resources, promote scholarly research and innovation in medical education, faculty development materials, and provide mutual support at our annual meeting in January. Membership is through affiliated institutions that teach pathology in a variety of medical education settings, although unaffiliated pathology educators may apply for individual memberships.


The Group for Research in Pathology Education is a professional organization of pathology educators dedicated to improving the teaching of pathology to medical and other professional students. There are three levels of membership: institutional, individual and emeritus. All members receive full access to the website, our collaborative teaching community and resources, Pathway, the GRIPE newsletter, and discounted meeting registration. In addition, Institutional members receive access to our GRIPE Digital Library which includes a database of over 4000 pathology teaching images and 5000 multiple choice exam questions.

Educational Resources

Master Item Bank Master Item Bank contains over 5,500 indexed, peer-reviewed questions and includes a computer based question management system with quick and easy search capabilities and quiz or exam construction. The Master Bank includes: Multiple Choice Item Bank - multiple choice questions. Image Item Bank - multiple choice questions related to the images in the Image Bank. Clinical Cases Item Bank - multiple choice questions related to patient case histories and laboratory information. Image Bank Image Bank contains over 4,000 indexed digital images covering a wide range of clinical, gross, and microscopic pathology. Gross Pathology Photography


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